Try to defeat the CPU in my Worms-Like game #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #JavaScript

— Entertaining Monkeys (@lapinchien) 19 octobre 2016

Current projects

A Worms-Like game (Image Data tests)
Soccer game simulation (interesting AI)
Cube Mapping (real time ray tracing)
3D mazes (real time ray tracing)
Earth Euler View (ray traced)
An Outrun-Like game (Parallax tests)
Block game Vs CPU (try to defeat my AI)
A propagation and dispersion game (try to defeat my AI)

Useful functions

To be or not to be inside of a triangle| How to circumscribe points| To be or not to be inside of a convex shape| Networks of the closest points| The intersection of two line segments| Creating a random concave shape| To be or not no be inside a concave shape| Creating a shape with a silhouette | The prime factors | Prime numbers obtained faster | The prime numbers graph | Exploring the chaos | Duplication error rate in fractals | Balls bouncing | Static Pins | Static Walls

Dealing with Image Data

Mandalas| Diffusion| Deformation| Sphere Ray Tracing| Sphere Mapping| Cube Mapping| Random Maze| 3D ray traced maze| A random Island| Palm Trees| The blast of the explosion| Particles| Interface| Dynamite| Airstrike| Missile| Clusterbomb| CPU with the IQ of an amoeba| Full screen| SFX & music

Artificial Intelligence in a soccer game

Target and reach| Sectorize and avoid| Make a pass| Defending areas| Random tackles| Tackling to take| Fall and dodge| Aerial game| Motion blur

Filiform 3D engine

Rendering a grid| Random 3D shapes| Liquid surface| Blast a sphere| Using alpha to simulate depth| A tunnel effect| Hidden faces| Skeleton| A class for characters| Dealing with the stage| A tunnel of images| Getting started with an OutRun-like game| Using a vectorised silhouette

A casual game with blocks

Loader and blocks| Blocks with no sound| CPU makes random choices| Bigger areas attacked| 3 colors instead of 4| Reversed rules

A propagation and dispersion game

Creating a class| Collision tests| Using the mouse| Introducing physics| Inserting text| CPU makes random choices| CPU has a strategy